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This book gives necessary guidelines to individuals, house-holds, offices, businesses, schools, colleges and governments to protect oneself from the present COVID-19 virus infection.


About The Book

This book gives necessary guidelines to the readers to protect oneself from the present COVID-19 virus infection. As such, it elucidates on the protocols and procedures to follow that form efficient preventive measures, while also providing its readers necessary knowledge about the virus to improve their understanding.

Russia rolled out a vaccine amidst many controversies and several other vaccine versions are also in final stages of experimentation. But, it is common understanding that it takes more 4-6 months for vaccines to reach at least 50% people in the world. So, for 4-5 months everyone still are at risk, at large and later for 6-8 months, 50% of the world’s population will continue to be at risk. 

What’s inside


Basic Guidelines For Businesses

Definitive Procedures and processes schools, colleges, businesses & offices can follow for prevention of COVID-19


Necessary Knowledge

about the virus to improve their understanding


Suggestions for Governments

Guiding Protocols and Regulatory Departments, Governments can implement to handle present Pandemic



Modified,effective, user-friendly PPE; Powerful simple techniques for personal and House-holds Care


The procedures explained in this book forms effective protective shield for individuals. These protocols, procedures and products mentioned in the book are independently and individually developed by the author Dr. Vamshi Nag Dasari. He is a doctor with degree in MBBS and is from Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Vamshi Nag Dasari


Dr. Vamshi Nag Dasari is a doctor who holds a degree in MBBS. He is from Hyderabad, INDIA.

He has 14 patents to his name, applied across various sectors and on different products, ranging from mechanical engineering field to security systems to medical devices. He also had formulated a theory in Basic Human Psychology which proposes that the Human Psyche is made up of 8 Basic elements, 3 Primary Basic Elements and 5 Secondary Basic Elements. This theory can explain about the ‘core constitution’ and ‘every aspect’ of Human Psychology.

Vamshi Nag D

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