Dr. Vamshi Nag Dasari

I am a doctor who holds a degree in MBBS. He is from Hyderabad, INDIA.


My Story

I have 14 patents to my name, applied across various sectors and on different products, ranging from mechanical engineering field to security systems to medical devices.
I also had formulated a theory in Basic Human Psychology which proposes that the Human Psyche is made up of 8 Basic elements, 3 Primary Basic Elements and 5 Secondary Basic Elements. This theory can explain about the ‘core constitution’ and ‘every aspect’ of Human Psychology.

I am unconventional and a versatile thinker. Out of the Box thinking and Problem-solving are his biggest strengths. For the present Pandemic, I have developed protocols and procedures to help the common people that guide them to protect themselves effectively.

I also have developed many products that aid in fighting Covid-19 and soon going to apply. Anyone who is interested to get into manufacturing of any particular products, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Vamshi Nag D

Recognition & Awards

Given Presentations in

International Economics Development and Research Centre (IEDRC) Conference in 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand,

Given Presentations in

22nd Annual Convention of the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) in 2012 in Banglore, India.

Given Presentations in

2nd Indian Psychological Science Congress in 2012 in Chandigarh, India,