Safety Corona

This book gives necessary guidelines to the readers to protect oneself from the present COVID-19 virus infection.

As such, it elucidates on the protocols and procedures to follow that form efficient preventive measures, while also providing its readers necessary knowledge about the virus to improve their understanding.

Russia rolled out a vaccine amidst many controversies and several other vaccine versions are also in final stages of experimentation. But, it is common understanding that it takes more 4-6 months for vaccines to reach at least 50% people in the world. So, for 4-5 months everyone still are at risk, at large and later for 6-8 months, 50% of the world’s population will continue to be at risk.


More in depth

The procedures explained in this book forms effective protective shield for individuals. These protocols, procedures and products mentioned in the book are independently and individually developed by the author Dr. Vamshi Nag Dasari. He is a doctor with degree in MBBS and is from Hyderabad, India.


The basic guidelines of “Wearing Masks” and “Physical Distancing” are proving to be “Not Sufficient” to handle the crisis, particularly in wake of new understanding that COVID-19 can spread even through air. In these challenging times, where the governments and health-organizations world-wide are confused and are directionless and clueless, these guidelines can become a weapon to contain the community spread of the virus and mitigate its panic.

It provides guidelines separately to individuals, house-holds, offices, businesses, restaurants & bars, functions & function halls, sports & stadiums and mass events. It discusses different measures in different situations. So, go through the sections most relevant to the particular reader. It can be downloaded at a minimal amount of USD 3 (225 INR) from the website. It is aimed at the welfare of the every society world-wide and to reach out to everyone rapidly, at the fastest, and so, such low price is decided.

The virus keeps evolving and that’s the reason many strains(varieties) of COVID-19 are identified with different strains spread in different countries. “D614G” is one such strain identified in Malaysia, believed to be contracted in India and Philippines and is 10 times more infective than the original one.

This could mean that existing vaccine studies might be incomplete or ineffective, as said by Malaysian Director General of Health Noor Hisham Abdullah, where the strain is identified. So, its advisable that everyone follow the preventive measures suggested in the book for 1 year.

Scientists are making terrific efforts and applaudable. Hope they fruitify very soon. But it’s inappropriate to hasten them. They should be allowed space and proper time to come up with effective solutions. “Suggested Preventive Behaviour” facilitates as such.